ForexWiz Currency Converter

【免費財經App】ForexWiz Currency Converter-APP點子

Forex Wiz lets you convert World currencies and check Historical rates even while offline. A clean and intuitive interface to track exchange rates of your favorite currencies and convert in one go. A perfect travel companion and useful for Forex trading.

Try it once. It's Free.

** Features **

- Convert over 164+ currencies

- Check Ask, Bid, Price, Change in exchange rates

【免費財經App】ForexWiz Currency Converter-APP點子

- View Historical rates (10 years) of major currencies

- Easy tracking and conversion of your favorite currencies

- Data download only when you use the app

- Stores last updated rates for offline use

- No background data download

- No background services (optimal battery use)

- Move2SD

- Personalize the app and charts

【免費財經App】ForexWiz Currency Converter-APP點子

- Set Wi-Fi only data download

We are adding more features so please check for updates frequently.

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