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This is the official application of Forum One 2013

International forum on personal, professional and business leadership

Forum One is the MUST ATTEND leadership event for every single Business Leader and Manager in Eastern Europe during 2013, and it will take place on 1–2 June in Kaunas, Lithuania (@Žalgiris arena).

We are proud to announce that our Keynote Speaker for 2013 will be Sir Richard Branson; Author, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group.

Today’s global business environment is relatively unstable and this is creating significant challenges in all areas of life and business. The business leaders of today have to constantly adapt to the new rules and find the ways and means to move forward and stay ahead.

Financial management, neuro-linguistic programming, personal development, and discovery of new markets – experts in each field will share their knowledge and experience. For the first time ever they will all come together in one forum – Forum One.

【免費通訊App】Forum One Leadership Forum-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Forum One Leadership Forum-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Forum One Leadership Forum-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Forum One Leadership Forum-APP點子

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