Foto Effects

【免費攝影App】Foto Effects-APP點子

Foto Effects App is basically meant for transforming the plain photos into amazing photos.

It comprises of following features:-

1) Create Foto with pictures newly taken from your camera or from photo gallery.

2) It has two pivot items edit and effects. In edit section you can rotate your image, crop your image and scale your image. In effects section you can give brightness, contrast, coloring and mosaics.

3) In Color FX there are effects like Sepia, Black and White, Vintage, Tint and Polaroid.

【免費攝影App】Foto Effects-APP點子

4) It has framing feature, through which user can give different frame to the edited photo.

5) Save the edited image

6) The edited image can be shared on Facebook.

7) Help page is there for making the app user friendly.

Version 1.3

Fixed image distortion issues

【免費攝影App】Foto Effects-APP點子

Few minor bug fixes

【免費攝影App】Foto Effects-APP點子

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