Franky's Fly Buffet

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"If you have a minute to spare and a dollar to spend, Franky's Fly Buffet is here to play."=====Reviews-------CrazyMikesApps - 3.5/5 Head’s for nice pick up and play indie game.AppsModo - "I recommend this app to someone who likes classic games."============Customer Reviews---------------"Kiddos spent hours playing... They love Frankie.""There is no other game like this, very unique!""This game is very fun(ny) for kids and for those that feel kids ... :-) Worth the $0.99 !!!"=======Game Play---------Feed our little green fellow Franky the frog by dragging his tongue around the screen, sticking flies into his tongue and back into his mouth. How many you can feed him?Special thanks to Amber, Amy and Angie for all their love and support.Don't forget about our other great time wasters:Heartbreak TouchClover TouchCrack an Egg, Find a BunnyGuanoweenGuanoween HDIf you download the game please leave a review.Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.We read each one and will try our best to implement your features as soon as we can.Follow us @twitter: rdcubeapps, for free promo codes, news on upcoming games, tips and more.

【免費遊戲App】Franky's Fly Buffet-APP點子

【免費遊戲App】Franky's Fly Buffet-APP點子

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