Free Self Help Kindle Books

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FREE self help books from Kindle to learn about insomnia, happiness, poverty and more.

Just browse, select and checkout to get your free ebooks sent to your phone. The new ebook will automatically be sent to your previously installed free Android Kindle app. Just refresh your Kindle app to see the new book.

Free Titles Include:

- Sleep & Insomnia; TIPS FROM A SLEEP COACH

【免費生活App】Free Self Help Kindle Books-APP點子

- 1 Minute Inspirations for Happiness

- Beyond Poverty Line

【免費生活App】Free Self Help Kindle Books-APP點子

- What in the world do I need a Life Coach for??? The reasons why having a life coach can save your life

- This is No Ordinary Joy

【免費生活App】Free Self Help Kindle Books-APP點子

- Winning Habits: Getting Rid of a Loser's Mentality

New titles are constantly being added, so check back often.

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In addition to sending the free book to your phones storage space you could send it to your Kindle Cloud Reader to save space on your device.

【免費生活App】Free Self Help Kindle Books-APP點子

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