FrostWork : Drawings on Ice

【免費娛樂App】FrostWork : Drawings on Ice-APP點子

Dear friends! Happy New Year! Give love, kindness and season's greetings to your loved ones!

Drawings on Ice will enable you to experience unique moments of your childhood, draw a happy smile or a love message on a frosty window.

Thoroughly developed physical model makes you really feel as if you touch frost. Swiftly move your finger to make a passing line. Or keep your finger stuck and see how your hand's warmth melts ice revealing a fabulous view behind the window.

You can select the view behind the window using:

【免費娛樂App】FrostWork : Drawings on Ice-APP點子

* Integrated gallery of new-year pictures

* Any picture from an album in your device

【免費娛樂App】FrostWork : Drawings on Ice-APP點子

* And also a photo taken from your window

Drawings on Ice lets you give full scope to your imagination: draw a fancy design, write a love expression adding a kiss instead of a dot.

A convenient tool of sending to Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte will let you share your picture with your friends or shout of your love to the whole world.

Create a special card, share your feelings with your loved ones.

Drawings on Ice application is made with love to give kindness regardless of freezing weather.

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