Fruit Sniper Free

【免費街機App】Fruit Sniper Free-APP點子

Now it is Totally free for every one. Let's go through it's story..

Fruit Sniper is a Best Juicy Game. It’s game play is very addictive. It’s a story of Tom and the avenger fruits. Try this game and take an experience by shooting fruits.

Let's have a look it story " Tom watching his coconut garden with his father's old rifle. He want to become reach by selling them after they matured. But the other fruits are very angry. Because they didn't get priority from Tom. So their president pomegranate declared to attack Tom's coconut garden. Still they are fight with Tom. You just help Tom to save his coconuts."

Before install this app please check the game play video.

Best of Luck

【免費街機App】Fruit Sniper Free-APP點子

【免費街機App】Fruit Sniper Free-APP點子

【免費街機App】Fruit Sniper Free-APP點子

【免費街機App】Fruit Sniper Free-APP點子

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