Fruity Timer Pro

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

A cool 3D cooking timer app. All the features you need in the kitchen and elsewhere. It has four timers at once and you can turn it sideways to get a big display. It is like a fun toy to configure but has professional timing features.

Each of the four timers can be changed:

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- flower timer

- apple timer

- banana timer

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- retro rocket timer

- metal bar timer

- pancake timer

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- waffle timer

- strawberry timer

- generic clear timer

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- guitar timer

- more shapes coming with updates

Easy Operation:

- Set time by sliding the numbers up and down

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- Selectable alarm tone for each timer

- Stopwatch feature counts up from zero

- Reset and clear button

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- Title can be changed

- The time can be adjusted while running by sliding the numbers

- Easy on the battery with options to save more

【免費生產應用App】Fruity Timer Pro-APP點子

- Slide screen left and right to view 3D features

We find that in a busy kitchen, having different 3D shapes for the timers helps remember what each one is for. For example, flowers could be for your baking and the rocket could be for your sauce. I use two pancake timers: one for the first side, and one for the second side. Perfection!

Works with Android 2.2 and is tested on Jelly Bean!

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