Fun Paint

【免費攝影App】Fun Paint-APP點子

Do you like drawing and painting? Try Fun Paint now! It’s FREE!!

Fun Paint is the perfect anytime paint app for Kids and for all Ages. It will give you best painting experience you can have with your finger! Fun Paint is made for peoples who would like to paint and make new things. Fun Paint is an entertaining drawing and painting application.

Key Features:

• Normal Pen

• Glow Pen

• Paint Book

• Magic Black

• Color Picker

【免費攝影App】Fun Paint-APP點子

• Eraser

• Undo and Redo

• Image Gallery

• Save & Share

• Multiple Shapes

• Fun for all ages

• Hours of fun

【免費攝影App】Fun Paint-APP點子

Feel the magic of the powerful painting app for Android Smartphone’s with Fun Paint and you’ll discover the art of painting like you’ve never seen before.

【免費攝影App】Fun Paint-APP點子

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