GED® Exam Prep 2015

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The GED® Exam is taken by people without a high school diploma and is the most accepted way to demonstrate basic educational achievement. The official test includes 50 multiple-choice questions, a few written questions, and an essay that tests candidates on seven knowledge areas: US History, World History, Math, Science, English, Government, and Geography.

Pocket Prep’s GED® Test Prep app is a powerful exam simulator that allows you to create customized practice tests with detailed answer explanations for every question. View your results and exam history with just a few taps. Study anywhere at anytime without Internet.

The app utilizes the “spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability. You’ll space out your studying into shorter, more productive study sessions which allow your brain to retain more information. Simply tell the app how many questions you want to take, enable the timer, and filter exam content to create the perfect study experience. Pocket Prep apps increase exam day success by 300% compared to traditional studying.

GED® Exam Prep Features:

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

• Two practice modes: Simulation and Study

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

• Automatic test saving and retrieval

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

• Detailed historic results analysis

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

• Optimized for phones & tablets

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

• In-app messaging to our experts

GED® Test Knowledge Areas:

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

We take each exam and break it down into knowledge areas so that you can filter your study sessions based on your needs.

- US History

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- World History

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- Math

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- Science

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- English

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- Government

【免費教育App】GED® Exam Prep 2015-APP點子

- Geography

Why study with Pocket Prep?

Pocket Prep apps share the same test prep standards as the big companies like McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, and Barron’s. Our team of writers and editors meticulously craft practice questions and detailed answer explanations with you in mind. Your success is our success. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best content that will help you achieve more. Our app is updated with the latest exam standards and is ready for 2015 testing.

Your path to success includes:

- 25 practice questions completely FREE. Try the app out!

- 630 total practice questions available after upgrading

- Free access to Pocket Prep’s guide to exam success

Since 2011, Pocket Prep has been the leader in mobile test prep and has helped over one million students and professionals achieve more. You’re destined for success. Pocket Prep will help you get there.

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license. This material is not endorsed or approved by ACE or GED Testing Service.

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