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GESAT mobile GSMTracker

The GESAT GSM Tracker APP is a GPS Tracking and Security Application for sending GPS data, service and alarm notification to the GESAT security server GESAT-TRACKER.DE.

The positions are visualized on maps, stored in a database with different available information like a roadbook, history tracking, speed control and much more shown in detailed reports. Different events like emergency, service, server sided geofencing, movement, speed and much more, will be controlled and can trigger a message as email, SMS, voice-call and satellite message.

If there is no GPS, the app use the location data from an available WiFi-network or from the next GSM-transmission tower.


You have to ask for the account data, given by GESAT (please contact via mail: or

Use the Account data, wait for the SMS and finalize the installation with the SMS code.

Now app installation is finalized.

What's New in the Version 2.0:

The Accelerometer is used to detect if the device has moved within about 3 minutes. If it has not, GPS is deactivated in order to save power. Once the device moves again, GPS is activated.

The sensitivity can be set from 0 to 10. 0 meaning never saving power, 10 meaning very in-sensitive. 0.5 seems to be a good default value.

- Encryption of transmitted data and settings using AES 256 [if activated].

- In case an alert is triggered, tracking is started automatically.

【免費旅遊App】GESAT Tracker-APP點子

- In case of an assistance/emergency alert, call a separately definable telephone number ("Listen in") [if activated].

- When the device is shaken, an emergency alert ist automatically triggered [if activated].

Increases battery drain a bit. (Attention: Can easily trigger false alerts through vibration or malfunctioning devices!)

- In case the server is not reachable, sending data will resume after one minute. If the server answer seems unusual, sending will continue after 15 minutes.

- In case of network failure, data will also be sent via SMS ("Fallback"). Either only alerts or all data [if activated].

- A low battery level is reported to the server and reset after charging.

- Settings are only transmitted from server if they have changed.

- Support for English and German, depending on system settings.

- Alerts are sent with the last known position but retain a current timestamp.

【免費旅遊App】GESAT Tracker-APP點子

- Display UTM and MGRS Coordinates as well as further data.

- Improved graphical interface.

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