GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

❖❖ GETS is the #1 Rewards App ❖❖

❖❖ Over 1,238,061 tasks completed with over $2,879.00 in issued and counting!

Promote Your Invite Code and Earn GETS Coins Towards Your Favorite Rewards!

Earn up to 10,000 GETS Coins in just ONE DAY!!

❖❖ You can earn Coins by: ❖❖

• Playing Games

• Trying apps

• Watching Videos

• Inviting Your Friends.

• and many more!


【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子


1) Register an account

2) Go to “Earn Coin” page

3) Click on sponsor and complete tasks (with example: download and open apps, watch video, etc)


1) Find out Invitation Code in “Invite” page

2) Ask your friend to download GETS and register an account

3) 2 ways to key in Invitation code:

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

i) During registration.

ii) After register, open up “Earn Coin” page and key in the invitation code.

4) After your invited friends earns 10,000 coins, you will be rewarded +5,000 coins!


1) “Wallet” is used to protect all your redemptions. Only you can unlock it with your own security passcode.

***For 1st time user, GETS will prompt to setup your account Security Passcode

2) To open Wallet, you need to enter 4-Digit Passcode to unlock and Wallet will auto-lock after 5 mins of inactivity.

3) All you redemptions (Pending/Approved) will be listed in the Wallet once you've unlock it.

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

4) To lock it, just Tap on "Close" button to lock Wallet again.


1) When your Total Coins you accumulated has reached a redeemable amount.

2) Open “Shop”, choose the reward you like (eg: DIGI, CELCOM, HOTLINK)

3) Follow these steps:

a. Tap on “Redeem Now”

b. Pick amount (eg: RM5, RM10)

c. Tap on OK

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

d. Key in Security Passcode to authorize and complete the redemption

4) Redemption will automatically added into the “Pending” list of Wallet

5) GETS Team will review the redemption as soon as possible.

6) You will be notified with push message once the redemption has been approved.

7) Unlock “Wallet” to check out the redemption

8) Use the redemption code!


❖❖ Use GETS Coins to get FREE Mobile Topup/Games/Gift cards like: ❖❖

• MOL Points

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

• Celcom Air Time

• DIGI Beyond Prepaid

• Maxis Hotlink

• Tune Talk Reload

• U Mobile

• XOX XinXun Reload

• Smart Buddy

• Globe

【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

• LevelUp

• Talk 'N Text

• and many more!

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【免費財經App】GETS - Free Game/Gift Cards-APP點子

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