GNews7 is a google news reader that have (or will have :D) some of the features I wanted to see if other products out there.

Why make another reader then? The answer is simple: because I can! and I needed an App to experiment new things...this way GNews7 was born!

Version 1.2


- It is now possible to select and mix more than one single edition.

- Custom searches can now be done over a single edition or over all the selected edition in the general tab.

- Extended version information on the about panel.


Version 1.1

- UI multilanguage support (ENG/ITA).


- It's now possible to chose the edition between a wise set of supported languages.

- Orientation selection: portrait, landscape, both.

- Fixed some bugs and inproved speed thanks to some optimizations.


Versione 1.0

- Internal beta testing version.

- You can actually read the italian edition of Google News.


- you can create custom channels (specifying search keywords).

- It's possible to enable and disable predefined and custom channels.

- Show or hide empty channels.

- Change the font size for a better reading experience.


- Dark and bright themes support.

More to come:


- Live Tile for notifications and updates.

- More layouts.

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