GO Locker Red Titan

【免費個人化App】GO Locker Red Titan-APP點子

GO Locker Red Titan


GO Locker Theme Red Titan has precision and a unique design style.

You can decide what you want to do right before unlocking the screen!

At first you'll see a small, inconspicuous button at the bottom of your screen .

Just touch it and you will see a full set of features.

Decide if you want to call, write a text message, take a photo or You want just go to the home screen?

Wallpaper is a fullscreen modeled picture, on 3d technology which is in different colours!

There is a extra designed clock at the top.

At the bottom of the screen You can see battery level if the charger is currently plugged in.

This theme contains:

- one wallpaper

- changed lock screen

- changed battery loading bar

- changed clock graphic – white numbers

- default Lock Screen icons like Alarm, New Message and Missing Call are swapped to new display entry


【免費個人化App】GO Locker Red Titan-APP點子

This theme requires GO Locker application installed on your phone.

You can download it for free from Google Play typing GO Locker in search field.

How to set up GO Locker Theme:

1. Download and install GO Locker and GO Launcher EX from Google Play.

2. Press menu button or slide from bottom to top on screen.

3. Go to Themes.

4. Switch to Locker Tab at the top of the screen.

5. Switch to Installed tab.

6. Choose our theme and click Apply.


1. Cool Locker Screen that makes your phone outstanding;

2. Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;

3. Easy to use;

4. Various of Locker Themes to match your style;

5. Support customise wallpaper;

Support by tapanilab :

If you need help with our theme please contact with us on email: tapanilab@gmail.com

Comments and rating:

If you want to help other users find our theme please leave comment and positive rating.

【免費個人化App】GO Locker Red Titan-APP點子

Before posting negative opinion please contact us. We can solve your issue in most cases and you will be happy using our theme without problems.

Made in Germany - copyright© all rights reserved Tapani lab / tapanilab

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