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This a new skin for GO Locker Theme forest = tree. Forest Theme is clear, simple designed specially for people who love the green, nature and trees ...

who love a green, lime and mint, olive, pistachio colors and also brown and yellow.

Green leaves and shrubs like the color on the main picture of this theme for GOLocker remind you of the beauty of nature and the world. Feel like you were in a beautiful spring forest.

Plants, grass and vines wrapped around a tree on the wallpaper. Big branches, old forest, like Ents and spars - Elven tree with vivid stories. Elves certainly taken a liking to him.

This applications helps You customization and personalization your GO Locker with beautiful, green wallpaper, fonts and icons.

This a new skin for GO Locker Theme = green, grass and tree theme - perfect nature theme for You.

We blend green and brown main background, black and dark green, yellow colors with transparent orange and yellow butterflies and butterfly, hot white colors to make beautiful designs for you.

1. Download and install for free, GO Locker and GO Launcher EX from Google Play

2. Go to MENU

3. Press Preferences

4. Click Themes

【免費個人化App】GO Locker Theme Forest Buy-APP點子

5. Press Locker tab

6. Press Installed

7. Choose Your favorite unlock theme

8. Press apply to set this theme GO Locker Theme Forest

This is a custom lockscreen replacement app with a charging animated battery. looks like a iPhone Lock!

GO Locker, design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!

*** Features of GO Locker :

1. Cool Locker Screen that makes your phone outstanding;

2. Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;

3. Easy to use;

4. Able to activate phone, SMS and Camera directly or you can change the slider shortcuts yourself;

6. Support customise wallpaper;

7. Security locker;

8. Emergency unlock enabled;


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Themes are published all the time, so remember to check our developer account regularly.

【免費個人化App】GO Locker Theme Forest Buy-APP點子

Style was created by WorkshopTheme.

【免費個人化App】GO Locker Theme Forest Buy-APP點子

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