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This theme will provide you with the best feelings from Android you are looking for.

GO SMS Pro Theme marijuana only works with GO SMS Pro, if you do not have it, download for free from Google Play.

This topic is for all rastaman on a green planet. In this project, we presented our vision of a bright green and yellow, red smoke from smokers in the world. Install it and feel the love of the grass. See how marijuana seems to live in colorful tones. Do you love colored smoke, you smoke a joint, water bong, cigar or cigarettes? If You like smoked weed, smoke ganja, cannabis, or you like reggae you should download this theme. :) Great wallpaper and icons are in the theme. This topic has large high-resolution HD wallpaper in the main background and large colorful icons. Smoke was modeled from the fire. Now try this green, of reggae, colored flag theme with smoke Jamaica, and lots of customization options. Feel like a real rastaman every time when you see on the mobile device of beautiful clouds of smoke! Remember that marihuana is a drug in most countries!

Ganja - the king lion of peace and mary jane from Jamaica - reagge or reggae style.

Style helps You to customization and personalization your GOSMS Pro

The theme is very optimistic full of positive emotions.

To apply the motive and enjoy the beautiful wallpaper (also for GO Chat):

1. Download this motif from Google Play

2. Download GO SMS Pro for free

3. Install and launch GO SMS app

4. Press right to see options and press "theme"

5. Click "Local" tab

6. Tap the GO SMS Pro Theme marijuana

This design will change your phone

To personalize apperance settings about conversation list

1. Go to messages Menu

2. Press message Advanced options

3. Click Appearance Settings.

【免費個人化App】GO SMS Pro Theme marijuana Buy-APP點子

4. Press Conversation List Customization

And now You can adjusted for each other, you can customize:

- Background in messages.

- Displayed contact pictures.

- Contact font.

- Contacts font color.

- Time and message fonts.

- Or restet this setting as to default.

To change apperance settings about conversation style

1. Press Menu

2. Go to Advanced

3. Click Appearance Settings.

4. Press Conversation customization

And now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:

Conversation style ( bubble setting or list style)

- Background

- Incoming font

- Outgoing font

- Hyperlink color in text

If you want to use avatar icon for any contact simply change it and the new image fuchsia for each contacts are visible on conversation list and messages sms list.

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Themes are published all the time, so remember to check our developer account regularly.

【免費個人化App】GO SMS Pro Theme marijuana Buy-APP點子

Style was created by WorkshopTheme.

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