GO SMS Theme Elite Purple

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Installation Instructions Below *

--- Application Name ---

GO SMS Pro Elite Purple Theme

--- Description ---

As requested, our GO SMS Elite Purple Theme! A very soft and smooth purple color with a perfect balance of white. We know that you'll love it!

--- What do we offer? ---

* Custom graphics

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Custom backgrounds

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Custom chat bubbles/styles

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Professional UI Design

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Quality Products

【免費通訊App】GO SMS Theme Elite Purple-APP點子

* Awesome technical support!

--- Matching/Similar Themes ---

* GO Contacts EX Elite Purple Theme

* GO SMS Pro Purple Neon Theme

--- Requirements ---

This theme will only work on GO SMS Pro V3.39 OR ABOVE.

You can download 'GO SMS Pro' for FREE from Google Play.

--- Installation ---

1. You need the 'GO SMS Pro' application as listed in the 'Requirements' section of this description. Please download that prior to the installation of this theme.

2. Wait for the theme to be successfully downloaded and installed.

3. Open GO SMS Pro, then navigate through the settings.

Menu-->Themes-->Installed Themes

4. Select the theme and then press apply!

5. Enjoy your awesome new look!

--- Support ---

We can't respond to Google Play comments, so send us an email or contact us via Facebook/Twitter!

--- Follow Us ---

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information and updates.

--- Feedback And Suggestions ---

If you like the theme, please leave a rating and a comment! If you want to provide some feedback, get in touch with us via email, Facebook or Twitter!

--- Updates ---

We update our themes periodically, if there is an urgent need for an update, contact us and let us know! We'll get right on it!

--- Refunds ---

You can easily refund the application within 15 minutes of purchase if you are not satisfied. This applies to all Google Play applications.

* Thanks for your support and feel free to contact us if you need any assistance whatsoever. *

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