GPS Tracer free

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

This App. collects GPS location data on your Windows Phone.

It can be used as a record of a bicycle, a jogging, or a walking.

Two or more saved records can be displayed.

New! Aug.2014

The function which displays a speed bar during a run is added.

This displays average speed and the present speed visually.

It displays as follows.

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

-green: faster than target speed

-yellow: slower than target speed

-red: slower than 80% of target speed

If you buy this application, a log map screen has the function to capture and it saves in "saved pictures".

This application can continue log under the phone locked. (It can turn OFF in a "Settings".)

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

It can avoid a screen lock during this application use. (It can turn OFF in a "Settings".)

With the paid edition, a background image can be changed freely.

That in which the log passed over 30 days is deleted at the next application start-up.

[Privacy statement]

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

No location data will be shared by this application.

No function in this application disclose your data.

Checked model: IS12T(Windows Phone 7.8)、Lumia525(Windows Phone 8.1)

[Version history]

ver 3.0.0 (Aug.2014)

- The function which displays a speed bar during a run was added.

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

ver 2.1.0 (Jun.2014)

- There is no background image on the main screen and the log list screen. And these screens are not changing a color. Both of change was made for the improvement in visibility to accumulate.

ver 2.0.3 (Nov.2013)

- Not only distance but time is selectable as the measurement unit of LAP. (All editions)

- It enabled it to set up freely the LAP unit at a log display not only in 1.0. (Except free edition)

- When a map is set to hide on a top screen, present execution time and mileage are displayed on the big font. (All editions)

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

ver 2.0.1 (Sep.2013)

- The function which displays LAP for every 1 km or 1 mile was added on log viewer.

ver 1.0.3 (Jun.2013)

- The amount of log data is reduced.

ver 1.0.0

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

- Initial release!

【免費運動App】GPS Tracer free-APP點子

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