GPS Tripmeter

【免費運動App】GPS Tripmeter-APP點子

Free simple GPS Tripmeter for rally racing competitions.

Enable GPS and start the app. Let the GPS signal stabilize before using the app in competition.

App shows interval and total distance, current and average speed. Current speed comes from GPS, average speed is calculated from travelled distance and time from last reset of all readings.

To reset intermediate distance, touch any part of the screen.

To reset all readings, long press on any part of the screen.

Counting direction can be changed with radio buttons in below of screen.

Distance readings can be adjusted from the edit button next to counting direction radio buttons.

If you want to reset average speed separately from all other readings then enable "Separate avg.speed reset" in options menu. If enabled, touch in speed readings part of screen resets avrage speed.

【免費運動App】GPS Tripmeter-APP點子

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【免費運動App】GPS Tripmeter-APP點子

【免費運動App】GPS Tripmeter-APP點子

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