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GPS Volume is an Android app that mimics the speed-controlled volume found in many high-end cars. This app uses the GPS reported speed of your phone to set the media volume to a customizable level.

This is the free version of GPS Volume. Upgrade to the paid version to remove ads and receive feature updates faster than in the free version.

Coming Soon:

-Simplified Setup - simply set max and min volume and speed and the app will automatically set the volume accordingly

-Volume smoothing - instead of jumping from one volume level to another, smoothly transition between them

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Have you ever found yourself contantly changing your car stereo's volume as you drive around town? One minute you can't hear it at all and the next it's blaring at the cars around you at the stoplight. Do you wish there was a better way then constantly taking your eyes off the road to fiddle with your volume knob? If you answered no to any of these questions, then this app is probably not for you (but please download it anyway!). But if you said yes, then all your problems will be solved with GPS Volume*!

GPS Volume is a fully customizable Android app that allows you to use the speed provided by your GPS to control the media output volume on your phone.

* GPS Volume will NOT solve all of your problems.


-Speed Controlled Volume using GPS - the core feature of the app

【免費工具App】GPS Volume Free-APP點子

-Fully customizable - every value in the app is customaizable, from the speed categories and the volume at each speed to the window factor (amount added to the specified volume if the windows are down)

-Supports US and Metric units - set your speed categories in miles per hour or kilometers per hour

-Save and Load Configurations - one configuration may not work for every driving scenario. Multiple cars or driving styles could drastically change how you use the app. For example, driving exclusively in stop and go traffic is much different than a trip that includes a jaunt down the Interstate. GPS Volume lets you save an unlimited number of user configurations for every possible scenario.

【免費工具App】GPS Volume Free-APP點子

-Automate Bluetooth and Wifi Settings - let's face it, if you're driving, there's probably no reason to have your wifi on, contantly draining battery looking for a signal it's never going to find. GPS Volume allows you to disable wifi when the service starts and will re-enable it when the service stops. Similarly, if you have a Bluetooth headset Bluetooth or enabled stereo you use while driving, the app can enable Bluetooth when the service starts and disabled when you are finished.

-NEW: Optionally, automatically start the volume service on app start. Great for use with Tasker or other Android automation applications.


-Access Fine Location - This means allow the application to access your GPS, without which this app wouldn't be very usefull. Then it would just be called Volume and it would set your initial volume and then just sit there... waiting.

-Bluetooth and Bluetooth Admin - These are needed for the option to turn on Bluetooth when the service starts. If you elect not to use this feature, the app will do nothing with these.

【免費工具App】GPS Volume Free-APP點子

-Access Wifi State and Change Wifi State - Similar to Bluetooth, these are needed to disable and renable Wifi while you are driving.

-Internet - used for reporting anonymous usage data using Google Analytics (see Data Collection Policy). Also used for delivering ads if you are using the free version.

-Access Network State and Read Phone State - these are mandated by the ad network to deliver ads. If you are using the paid version of GPS Volume, you will not see these permissions.

【免費工具App】GPS Volume Free-APP點子

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