GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro

【免費教育App】GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro-APP點子

A great tool for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, MBA, CAT and other Competitive Exams aspirants for preparing English Vocabulary/English Wordlist. It simplifies the task of preparing for the vocabulary section.

It’s a vocabulary application with 4800+ frequently occurring English words to improve your English Language.

• A comprehensive tool designed for learning & testing English on the go!

• Three modes to learn the GRE vocabulary/GRE wordlist -

1) Alphabetical Word: Learn words, their meanings word by word.

2) Test yourself: Detailed score and test walk-through options available.

- Ability to save completed test and scorecard for later review.

- Summary gives you a birds-eye view of all questions.

【免費教育App】GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro-APP點子

3) Practice Sessions: Learn while practicing

-Where one can also learn words and their meanings.

4) View words as flash Cards

5) Multi-choice questions quiz

6) Tough words with examples

• Browse words alphabetically, sequentially, randomly. You can even star the words as favorite that you find are important/difficult & revise them on demand.

【免費教育App】GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro-APP點子

• Easy to use and effective user Interface.

• Wi-Fi or Data Connection not mandatory

• Extremely light-weight

Very useful to learn GRE vocabulary/GRE wordlist/English Vocabulary/English Wordlist.

What's in this version:

Improved screen buttons particularly for less resolution screens.



Settings option to enable/disable sounds

【免費教育App】GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro-APP點子

Settings to increase/decrease test speed

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【免費教育App】GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro-APP點子

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