GRE® Guide(with Vocabbuilder)

【免費教育App】GRE®  Guide(with Vocabbuilder)-APP點子

"GRE® Guide" offers simple & intuitive interface to master the GRE word-list that comprises of about 4500+ GRE words with meaning.It also provides live discussion feed from top GRE forums and tweets from top GRE prep websites- all you need to ace your GRE exam in one place & for free !!


GRE® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This application is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

Flash Cards :

【免費教育App】GRE®  Guide(with Vocabbuilder)-APP點子

*Test mode on - flip option to check word meanings

*Test Mode off- displays flash cards in learning mode both word and meaning displayed together.

【免費教育App】GRE®  Guide(with Vocabbuilder)-APP點子

*Alphabet selection - select an alphabet and the flashcards display the words for the selected alphabet.

*Word search: Search a random word and see all the words that contain the letters that you are searching for .

【免費教育App】GRE®  Guide(with Vocabbuilder)-APP點子

*4500 GRE words and meanings with an extremely responsive UI.

Soon to come:

- mark word for review.

【免費教育App】GRE®  Guide(with Vocabbuilder)-APP點子

- random words.

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