GT5: Pro Tune Log

【免費社交App】GT5: Pro Tune Log-APP點子

GT5 Pro Tuners Log gives you the most powerful features of any tune app on android while being incredibly easy and simple to use.

* Save your most important tunes in case your GT5 file gets corrupted

* Unlimited setups allowed.

* Copy and Paste setups when your just looking to tweak an existing tune.

* Take your custom tunes with you on the go ANYWHERE.

【免費社交App】GT5: Pro Tune Log-APP點子

* Share your setups with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and More!

* Upload to Google Drive, DropBox, Box and More!

* Fully integrated with MyBackupPro and Titanium Backup so you can always backup your data.

* Tablet Version Included

【免費社交App】GT5: Pro Tune Log-APP點子

We are a small team working to bring you useful and fun products that enhance your enjoyment of GT5. We thank you so much for your support and hope you like our offerings!

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