GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

Gran Turismo 6 Guide

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

GranTurismo 6

****Please Note, I am not currently able to update this as I have very very little time for it but my hope is to find the time soon!******

We have everything you might want in a GT6 Android App Guide.

* All Major GT6 news sources combined in one APP!

* 40+ Gran Turismo 6 Wallpapers with More in Every Update!

* All the Best GT6 Garages Including 7 Exclusive Tuners!

* Base Tune Generator!

* Save / Share / Upload / Sort All your favorite Car Setups!

* Save Track Specific or Race Type Setups!

* Trophy CheckList!

* Full Gran Turismo Car List!

* Full GT6 Track List!

* General Driving Tips!

* Track Specific Driving Tips (Coming Soon)!

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

DOES NOT FULLY SUPPORT ANDROID 2.3 YET. Some sections are non functional while most are. More every update.

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

If you have ANY problem with the app, EMAIL ME. I will get it sorted for you ASAP!

This app was built by me for all my fellow GT6 fans. All proceeds of the PRO version will fund further development of this app and other GT6 resources for our community. Thank You For Your Support!

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

Special Thanks to My Family, Friends, and Beta Testers!

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

【免費運動App】GT6 Tunes & Tips Guide-APP點子

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