GalactiConquer Lite

【免費動作App】GalactiConquer Lite-APP點子

GalactiConquer is an awesome action-strategy real-time game where you will explore the galaxy.

The objective of the game is to colonize all the habitable planets in the galaxy. You will need to build mining facilities on the non-habitable planets and sell the mineral in your colonized planets.

Use wisely your earned money, you have to expand your colonies; but keep in mind that you are not alone in the universe, and your planets will be attacked by your enemies, so you will have to upgrade the ship and its weapons.

Game implements real physics so your space ship will be atracted to planets and stars!

Free version contains advertising, so it will require access to Internet and coarse location to show proper ads. Get the full version for a game without ads!

【免費動作App】GalactiConquer Lite-APP點子

【免費動作App】GalactiConquer Lite-APP點子

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