Gallery Blocker

【免費工具App】Gallery Blocker-APP點子

Gallery Blocker blocks directories and media files(image, video, etc) from the Gallery app,

JUST SELECT AND SEND FILES, you can block them easily.

If you block a directory, the files in the directory will be NEVER deleted at MediaScan.

(When you delete a media file entry from MediaStore at MediaScan or by using ContentResolver, MediaStore deletes the media file with a triger.So if you create .nomedia file in a directory, MediaScanner will delete both media file entries and entities.

Gallery Blocker never deletes file entities and blocks them safely from Gallery.)


- create and delete .nomedia file in a directory

【免費工具App】Gallery Blocker-APP點子

- automatically block not to register media files to MediaStore again

- show hidden files (files in a hidden directory) with Gallery

- block music files from the Music app.

- block media files even if added directly into MediaStore with ContentResolver

【免費工具App】Gallery Blocker-APP點子

- block parent directory directly via other app

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