Gallus • Stabilized Hyperlapse

【免費媒體與影片App】Gallus • Stabilized Hyperlapse-APP點子

• Full quality video recording, at configurable resolutions and bitrates

• Use the back or front camera, switching with a simple swipe.

• Gyroscope stabilized video yielding incredibly stable videos on most devices. You've never seen anything like this.

• Touch to focus / touch to expose

• Shoot video in any orientation -- landscape, portrait, or upside down variations of either, and your video will still be perfect.

• Hyperlapse videos at up to 40x speed, or in slow-motion down to 1/10th speed. Render high quality outputs, at the original video resolution (including 2K and 4K if your device supports it), that you can share on social media or privately.

• Configurable recording locations, including SD card storage on Android 5.0+.

• Coming soon -- incredible new hyperlapse options never seen before.

Capture gyroscope-stabilized videos that you can stabilize and render to slow motion or hyperlapsed outputs, from 1/10th speed, to 40x speed. Gallus is the first and only stabilizing hyperlapse application available on the Android platform.

Shoot videos in any orientation, using the rear or front camera. Note that the preview of the front camera is intentionally mirrored during preview and recording, but will be the correct orientation during playback.

Share your hyperlapse output to any registered application, include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and more!

Your Android device has a myriad of sensors that can be used to determine movements, from that providing corrections to help create more enjoyable outputs, whether slowed down or sped-up. Gallus provides a simple, easy to use solution to this need. While the defaults should provide a superlative experience for most users, it allows a number of optional settings if you have unique needs, want to capture at a different resolution, or want more or less aggressive stabilization functionality.

This application makes use of newer, seldom-used functionality, and may not function on some devices. If you encounter an issue and are presented the option of submitting a crash report, please do so to help in discovering and resolving those edge conditions on devices I was't able to test on .

The critical timing and logging necessary to achieve this functionality on Android demands a lot from the device, so occasional lag or dropped frames may occur on older or lower power devices. It should run perfectly on newer and high-end handsets.

【免費媒體與影片App】Gallus • Stabilized Hyperlapse-APP點子

Please also note that smartphones have a rolling shutter, meaning that each frame is captured incrementally and not instantaneously. If you make abrupt movements, particularly in lower light with longer capture times, even when perfectly corrected the frame may look slightly distorted or wavy. This is an artifact of the technology, and Gallus attempts to make the best of the worst situations.

Gallus will do amazing work in smoothing out your videos, but you should still make efforts to capture as smooth of a video possible, in the most light possible, minimizing the smart zoom necessary, and avoiding rolling shutter artifacts.

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