Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

Gantt Pro Android, is one of the best Project Management app in the market. It is a unique endeavor to bring project plan reader to your Android device. This Project Management app allows the importing and viewing of the Microsoft Project Plan.

The app has been uniquely crafted to meet the needs of project management professionals and planners. The Project Management app allows, viewing of the entire Project as a Gantt chart. The interactive Project Management tool, further contributes in providing flexibility in managing the project plan, on the go.

Unique features of the Gantt Pro-Plan reader/viewer:

• Imports and views Microsoft Project Plan

• Opens the plan from email inbox.

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

• Opens the plan from Dropbox, Google Drive.

• Has 4 task links, namely:

Finish to Start (FS)

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

Start to Start (SS),

Finish to Finish (FF)

Start to Finish (SF)

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

• Possesses Interactive Gantt-User can pinch to zoom on Gantt to change time scales-Hour view, Day view, Week view and Month view

• Possesses slider bar that increases the viewing area of Gantt for easy Project Planning

• The Project Planning task can be reviewed on the basis of 20 parameters.

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

• Ability to view Microsoft project XML files

Free version

1 sample plan + 2 plans

Features in the Paid Version

Ads free

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

Unlimited project plans download

Plan delete option

Users are free to import their existing Microsoft Project Plans to Gantt Pro using:

• Manual Import via Email

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

• Allows importing of project plans from iPad to the Android device

• Gantt Extender - If you are working with large files try out the free Gantt Extender. It considerably reduces the size of your XML file and optimizes it for Gantt Pro App. The tool is available for download on our support site.

Visit support site for user manuals and videos

【免費商業App】Gantt Pro HD - Plan Reader-APP點子

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