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Navigate to any Yard Sale or Garage Sale with ease!

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Input your yard sale or garage sale addresses into the application database. You can then view all sales you have added which are sorted by the closest distance to your current location. You no longer have to drive around in circles looking for those sales. This provides easy navigation and updates the distances to the nearest sales based on your GPS location.

Here are some details on the yard sale navigation options available that are outlined in the help screen:

1. Setting Your Garage Sale/Yard Sale Navigation Preferences

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

Tapping the menu button when inside the main screen on the garage sale navigation application will bring up an option to edit the preferences. Here is a description of what each option does:

Auto Update Distance:

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

With this option enabled, the mileage to each garage sale or yard sale address will be updated automatically at a specified interval on the navigation screen. Turning this option off will display a button on the navigation screen that can be pressed each time you wish to update the distances to each address.

Updates Interval:

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

If you have the “Auto Update Distance” option enabled, distances to yard sale or garage sale addresses will be updated every 30 seconds. Clicking this option allows you to change the auto update interval (1 sec, 5 sec, 30 sec, 1 min or 5 min).

Automatic Deactivation:

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

With this option enabled, visited yard sale or garage sale addresses will automatically be marked as “VISITED” when you reach your destination.

Display Addresses With Active Dates Only:

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

Enabling this option will only display yard sale or garage sale addresses that are active for the current date on the Navigation screen. All other addresses will not be displayed. Turn this option off if you want to see all addresses you have added regardless of their status.


2. Adding Garage Sale Addresses:

【免費購物App】Garage Sale Navigator Demo-APP點子

To add a garage sale or yard sale address, click the "Add Garage Sale Info" button on the main screen. Fill in the address, City, State and date range for a garage sale and click the "Save" button. An "Address Saved" message will appear on the screen.

3. Viewing Saved Addresses:

After adding addresses to your database, the addresses can be viewed on by clicking the “Navigate” button. If you have the application preferences set to show only active addresses, only addresses that you have saved that are active for the current date are shown. To see all addresses you have saved, use the menu button to edit the preferences and turn off the option that says “Display Addresses With Active Dates Only”.

4. Editing Saved Addresses:

When viewing the saved yard sale or garage sale addresses on your Navigation screen, you can long press any address on the list to display the edit options.

5. Launching The Navigator:

Launching the navigator for your saved addresses is simple. Just click on any address on your list and the navigator will launch and guide you to your destination.

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