Garden Diary

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

GardenDiary is THE app for tracking growth of your plants. It suites tracking growth of any plant from roses to a pine tree. In addition to the sleek experience, the application provides garden enthusiasts with many useful features:

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

- Enter basic information about your plants to the diary

- Make diary entries for the individual plants with detailed information

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

- Make notes for your plants, or individual diary entries

- Take or attach images to the plants, or individual diary entries right from the app

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

- Easily track growth of your plants with graphical charts

- Add reminders for tasks to be done with your plants

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

- Show the different plants on map

- Full online backup possibility

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

- Customizable app content

- Live Tile feature showing upcoming tasks

【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Garden Diary-APP點子

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