Garden Manager & Plant Diary

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

Garden Manger & Plants Diary makes the best of your garden by tracking your plants performance.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a plants hobbyist,

you will definitely enjoy recording your gardening activities such as sowing, potting, transplanting, harvesting.

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

You may be growing vegetables and herbs such as basil, lettuce, tomato or you're just trying to take care of your houseplants such as Orchid, Bonsai, Cactus and Succulents

But they all have one thing in common, they all need water and fertilize.

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

With Garden manager & plants dairy you will never forget to water or fertilize.

The app include a variety of alarms and notifications such as watering alarm, fertilizing alarm, pesticide alarm.

You can even set reminders according to the lunar gardening calendar.

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

Gardening can be easy and enjoyable!


* Simple watering reminder

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

* Beautiful graphical representation of the plant watering reminder status.

* Choosable plants and cactus icons

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

* Advanced user can use the multi configuration reminder actions

* Log your garden plants phase and growth, track the number of leaves, flowers & vegetables

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

* Discover your plants light condition

* Observe your log data in charts

【免費生活App】Garden Manager & Plant Diary-APP點子

* Collect images and create your own garden album

* Tag your plant by avatar or using your own plant image

Use this gardening app and let your flower bloom & your plants to flourish!

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