Gazillion Toddler Games

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Easy distractions, entertainment and time passers for use with your toddler while you wait in a restaurant, in a waiting room, in a line, on a plane, in a car or anywhere.

If you have a toddler, there’s no doubt you’ve been caught waiting at a restaurant, in a Doctor’s office or even in line at the grocery store, trying to figure out a way to entertain your little darling. It’s not easy to think of things to do, especially if things get to be a little chaotic or a meltdown begins to set in. GAZILLION TODDLER GAMES to the rescue! ‘Just Shake It’ to receive a random selection of easy distractions, toddler appropriate games and time passers with no props required except what you probably have readily available. Includes a GAZILLION Toddler Games And Activities. Bored with that one? Need another Idea? Just Shake It – you’ll never see the same idea twice unless you save it to your favorites. You can also scroll through the list and of course you can share it on Facebook and Twitter and send by text or email to a friend.

With no props required, except what you probably have readily available, these little tips and tricks will help make the time pass more quickly and the waiting less painful.

A must have app for anyone with a toddler! No parent or grandparent should be without it.


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【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* A Gazillion Toddler Games and Activities

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* Random selection when you 'Just Shake It'

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* Option to scroll through the list

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* Save and edit a favorites list

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* Share by email or text and send to Facebook and Twitter

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

* Easy and fun to use

【免費生活App】Gazillion Toddler Games-APP點子

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