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We are frequently asked, “the name of your company is different, where does Gece Vardiyasi come from?” Let us reply: We didn’t find it. Our audiences found it.

【免費娛樂App】Gece Vardiyası Film Yapım-APP點子

When the first private radio stations were emerging in Turkey in 1992, Goker Goktepe who sat at the microphone of Kanal 99 FM, the first private radio station of Izmir, asked to his audiences, “What should the name of this program be?”

【免費娛樂App】Gece Vardiyası Film Yapım-APP點子

The audiences replied “it should be Gece Vardiyasi” and the episode of 2000-nights of live broadcasting had begun.

This adventure lasted long, life kept going on quickly and one day Goker decided to found a company relating to his actual profession;film production; but did not think much on the name, did not ask anyone, he already asked years ago, Gece Vardiyasi.

This station is a non-commercial broadcast, established to say “We listen those while working” to Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim’s friends and clients, and to reflect it’s fidelity to Radio Broadcasting.


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