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GenericPedia - Encyclopedia of Generic Drugs dedicated to provide following details about the generic drugs :

Full generic information including Therapeutic Class, Indications, Adult Doses, Pediatric Doses, Doses in Renal impairment, Doses in Hepatic impairment, Contraindications, Boxed Warning, Warnings / Precautions, Adverse Reactions, Overdose Reactions, Drug Interactions, Lab Interactions, Food Interactions, Mechanism of Actions, Metabolism, Pharmacodynamics, Assesment, Monitoring, Patient Counselling, Administration, Same I/V compatible, Same I/V incompatible, Pregnancy Category, Lactation, Storage Conditions, ATC Classification.

Drug - Drug interactions details with mechanism of interaction, security level and management.

Details of various drug brands available in market.We have collection of more than 1 lac drug brands ( Mostly Indian, Brands names of other country coming soon ) and increasing day by day.

Following details are provided:

Brand Name

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Constituents of brand with amount

Manufacturer Name and complete address including contact no. and email id

Type of preparation like tablet, syrup, cream etc.

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price per unit

when you search with exact brand name then GenericPedia system will automatically search for other brands with 100% similar constituents and will display that list according to increasing price or you can select to search similar brand by clicking on "Click to see all brands with all above constituents"

It support following search

Drug Brand Name ( Generic drugs brand name list )

Generic Name

Drug – Drug Interaction Search.

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Pharmaceutical company Name

Generic dose

Combination of generic name

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Search all brand which are 100% similar to other brand

Word Auto completion when you type

Select Brand, Drug - Drug Interaction or Generic from drop down to search respective content.

Following type of Input is supported

Full brand or generic name or pharmaceutical company

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like Dolo Relieve or Dolo , paracetamol, Medico Health Care etc

combination of any of above

like paracetamol Medico Health Care , Dolo paracetamol etc.

Partial Name if you know only part of name of drug or generic name ( minimum of 3 character you should know e.g. para, ceta, medi, dolo ) . Your search query will be like this para* , *ceta* , *mol, i.e. you have to replace the missing characters with * ( without any space )

Input for Drug – Drug Interactions Search

Right Name of any no. of generic drugs separated by space between which interaction you want to search. It also support partial names as mentioned above e.g. paracetamol Probenecid can be searched as para* pro* , *mol pro*, *mol *cid etc. i.e. you have to replace the missing characters with * ( without any space )

Large screen version is also available at

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GenericPedia is not responsible for any system generated error in displaying details.

it only help you to compare brands and is not replacement to proper medical advice.Contact your doctor for consultant before using any medicine.

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