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Geo Dash is one of the games in the series of Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution (CoBELS). It is the most fun and engaging way to learn about the hard concepts of geometry. This full-fledged game consists of 11 gamified levels covering topics in geometry for grades 5-7.

The content aligns completely to schools curriculums such as the NCERT (India) and US Common Core.

Games provide an engaging and real life environment to learn the concepts. Concepts are introduced using explainer videos. The game consists of 'pre-test' and 'post-test' game levels that assess the current understanding of the learners and the learning acquired after playing all levels. Based on this learners can acquire a 'karate-like' belt for themselves.

Allows the learners to compete with their peers through the leaderboards.

The game consists of the following levels:

Geo Ball - Answer the questions to clear the ball on the game board. Aim the ball towards the ball of same color to clear them.A 'pre-test' game that gauges the current understanding of the learners.

Gazing the night sky - Identify the constellations in the sky and create your own constellations. Learners introduced to the concept of points, lines and line segments. Supported by an explainer video in the end.

Railway work in progress - Create your own tracks to let the train pass through. Learners reinforce the concept of lines and line segments and get introduced to the parallel and intersecting lines. Supported by an explainer video between two levels.

Bubble Burst! - A fun game to burst the bubbles with the right images containing points, lines, line segments, parallel and intersecting lines.

Flying High - Fly your plane as parallel as you can to the other plane on the screen. Intersect the planes to destroy the targets.

Build your plane - Create your own plane using different polygons and then use that to destroy enemy tanks. Learners get introduced to polygons, vertices, edges etc.

Tri-Eater - Eat up triangles with specific angle values. Learners get introduced to the interior and exterior angles and the supplementary angle property. Supported by an explainer video.

City Corporation - Be a part of the city corporation and clean up your city. Learners reinforce their concepts on parts of a circle, angles, area and perimeter.

Shape up - Build your own circuit by by finding the perimeter of polygons in their algebraic form. Supported by an explainer video.

Treasure Island - Use the square method to find the area of islands and capture them. Supported by an explainer video.

Geo Wheel - Answer the questions correctly to spin the wheel and gain points. A 'post-test' game that gauges learner understanding based on concepts taught in the previous levels.

This game can be used by students to understand the concepts taught in schools in a more real life situation.

Also helps them practice concepts in a fun way.

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

【免費教育App】Geo Dash - Geometry Games-APP點子

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