GeoGuide 1.0

By using GPS and Network Provider Information, this application will alert you when you enter a predefined place or area Alert Place.

You will automatically get push message when you enter an Alert Place.



Set alert for yourself for-


Take cash from ATM when you are 3 km from ATM.

Pick up grocery when you are 5 K.M. from Grocery Store.


Make your hair when you are 1K.M. from your girl Friend’s home.

How to use:-

1) Press and hold finger (Long click) on map to add place.


2) Click on any tagged place and you can Get Details, Add As a Favorite Place, Add As Alert Place, Set Radius for Alert, Navigate to That Place and Share Location to your friends and family of the place.

3) You can also navigate to any place by providing latitude and longitude values or address of the place.



1) Add Favorite place.

2) Add Alert Place.


3) Add your custom place on map.

4) Notify you when you enter that place.


5) Alerts (Reminder Notification, Vibration).

6) Map Views (Satellite View, Hybrid View, Terrain View and Street View).

7) Navigate to any place just by providing address or Latitude and Longitude values.

Also you can navigate to the alert as well as favorite place which you have saved.

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