The languages of this application are English, French and German.

The "Swiss army knife" of GPS tracking for all outdoor professionals. The first app with active track navigation!

User Manual:


GeoMeterPro offers you:


* from Nokia, Bing, Google, Mapnik, OpenCycleMaps,

4umaps, HikeBike, MTB-Europe, OpenSeaMaps, outdooractive ...


* rotation in 2 modes (compass or movement)

* download and offline use


* magnetic, or direction of movement

* target point display with distance


* management, sorting, filtering

* quick selection in map

* import of gpx or kml waypoints

* export as gpx



* accurate recording with pause function

* auto-resuming the recording after restart

* size reduction by threshold value method

* evaluation with graphic height profile

* import and export format is gpx

* edit and save

* download from GPSies

* export and import via SkyDrive or Dropbox

* load from browser download or e-mail attachment

* export email

* import GeoCaches

* navigation



* calculation for car, bike, pedestrian

* calculation even across multiple points

* manual creation

* save as track and use offline

-Free selection of:

* language (English, German, French)

* coordinate system (D, DM, DMS, UTM WGS84)

* units (metric, imperial, nautical)


* direct access all functions

* snapshots of the maps


* emergency SMS

* send position data

* geocaching

* car Finder

* home navigation

* Pull pins in the map

* automatic location data discovery after pulling the pins


* fully functional

* usage period of 5 hours

* scope on 1000 m limited

Version 8.6.5

- Corrections in track info


Version 8.6.3

- Corrections in KML import and track navigation display

- Track info with new graphs

  (Height/distance, Speed/Distance, Height/time, Speed/time)

- Track info on track navigation file with automatic position indicator

- Track info can be accessed directly from the map

- On track navigation readability of arrow and distance indicator improved

- Track navigation with voice prompts

(for now in German, English and French)

Version 8.6.2

-route calculation from outdooractive on outdooractive maps

-route calculation over multiple points


-Time display in the height profile of the track summary

-new map: MTBMap of Europe


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