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Geocacher's knapsack has been designed to aid geocacher's in finding and hiding caches. ***NEW*** Now you can track a cache or waypoint in real-time with continuous updating of compass heading and distance to coordinates. Reduce GPS bounce with averaging. The app allows your device to operate like a GPS receiver that can save and recall waypoints, compute distances and bearing between locations as well as calculate new coordinates based on location and movement in any direction. These functions are ideal when finding multi-stage or puzzle caches or when hiding caches in the woods or a cluttered environment. This app is intended to work as a standalone Geocache tool or most importantly as a supplemental tool for serious cacher's who already have Geocache apps or tools. The app is also an excellent aid for non Geocacher's who just want to manipulate GPS coordinates and combine that with direction finding functionality.

GPS coordinates can be saved onsite and recalled later for manipulation or calculations can be done right in the field. When hiding a cache, have you ever wondered if you are too near a current cache? Find out quickly and easily with the distance calculator.

Two powerful GPS averaging utilities make it possible to much more accurately determine GPS coordinates. Using the averaging functions, can make hiding caches significantly easier. GPS bounce can be a difficult problem to overcome in some locations. The more powerful of the two averaging functions uses both time and positional averaging to zero in on your exact location.

A compass is included to easily follow any heading. The compass has a magnetic declination adjustment for the highest level of accuracy possible.

A mapping utility allows you to coordinate your GPS locations with local geographic features and show relative GPS locations to help you determine their accuracy and orient the user.

***** On some devices with lower screen size / resolution, you may need to scroll over to access all of the buttons / boxes. Rather than just prevent its use on smaller screens, the app will still operate fine but with the above caveat. *****

【免費工具App】Geocacher's Knapsack-APP點子

【免費工具App】Geocacher's Knapsack-APP點子

【免費工具App】Geocacher's Knapsack-APP點子

【免費工具App】Geocacher's Knapsack-APP點子

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