Germany Culture Guide

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Traveling for business? Use expert information from Dean Foster Associates, the premier cross-cultural training organization for international businesses. Based on decades of cultural training experience, Germany CultureGuide© offers practical and immediately usable tips for getting the most out of your trip to Germany.

Sections on business etiquette and conduct cover greetings, and the exchange of business cards; proper seating at business dinners; how to behave when invited to a private home; how and what to eat; the intricacies of gift giving; and much more.

The Words and Phrases section contains terms for use in greetings, conversations and organizational titles. All words and phrases can be saved to a favorites list for even faster reference.

All content lives on your device for fast retrieval and easy use of standard tools like Notes, Favorites, Copy and Paste to create your own reference list.

The CultureGuide© offers useful Web-accessed tools along with the extensive content: maps, up-to-the-minute weather reports and currency exchange rates in the Emirates.

Other travel guides can tell you where to go and what to see: your CultureGuide© will tell you how to get along.


Country Overview: The People; Politics and Government; Religion and Beliefs; Cultural Values

Greetings: Getting Started with the Language; What Do You Call People? Being Introduced

Communication Styles

【免費旅遊App】Germany Culture Guide-APP點子

Behaving in Public


Dining, Drinking and Entertaining: Typical Meals and Foods; Dining Etiquette; Seating Plans; How to Be a Good Host or Guest

Staying Safe and Healthy; Travel Tips

Holidays and Celebrations

The Dos and Don’ts of Gift Giving

【免費旅遊App】Germany Culture Guide-APP點子

Minding Your Business: Team Management; Negotiation Styles; Decision-making; Making a Presentation or Running a Meeting; Effective E-mails; Effective Telecons

【免費旅遊App】Germany Culture Guide-APP點子

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