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Uses GPS to obtain your current address. Not everyone has a smartphone so this application allows you to quickly get your current location as a physical address.


1) Copy current address to clipboard for easy pasting into other applications, emails, etc...

2) Send current address as an SMS message.

Could be used for multiple purposes; to let taxis know where to pick you up without having to find out your current address; to inform someone of your location who doesn't have access to a smartphone with Google Maps; to document locations as addresses; I'm sure you could come up with many many more uses...

PLEASE NOTE: As with any application that uses GPS, Get Address works best outdoors. Get Address does not store or share ANY personal information. Get Address uses very minimal resources (memory, battery and data usage). Get Address works without loading Google Maps to save resources.

If you have any comments or would like any features added to this application please email me:

【免費工具App】Get Address-APP點子

【免費工具App】Get Address-APP點子

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