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【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

Let Cortana tells you the latest headlines, notifies you with a custom message or an alert(voice only in English). GetNotified App keeps you updated with daily news and weather in your local area. the app not only tells you the current weather and news but also notifies you after scheduled timing.

* Listen to News by Tapping the headlines

【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

* Live Tile support for updates

【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

* Use it like a personalized Alarm clock

* Fetches the weather of current location

【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

* Scroll down to refresh News headlines

【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

* Lets you read News and Sports updates

supports transparent tile

【免費個人化App】Get Notified-APP點子

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免費玩Get Notified App

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