Perfect for long and short commutes, boring meetings, and lazy afternoons, Glisser is a deceptively simple puzzle game that will keep you entertained. Slide black dots in order to match them up with corresponding yellow dots. However, moving a dot vertically or horizontally will move all other dots in the same column or row with it.

After completing the tutorial, solve hundreds of handmade and hand picked levels that will test your mind or jump straight into infinite mode where a number of levels that far exceeds the number of atoms in the universe lie in wait. If that’s not enough, save levels as your favorite or create your own. You can even sign in with Google+ for achievements along the way!

Glisser Features:


• 7 level packs comprising of 700 levels (with more to come!)


• Infinite levels for casual or hardcore players with 6 dynamic difficulties or the ability to customize your session with board sizes up to 20 by 20.


• Level creator.


• Minimalistic art style.


• 28 achievements.

• Ad free!

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