Go Launcher: Purple Pockets

【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

Go Launcher Ex has come on the Android scene by storm as the Launcher to use for theme connoisseurs. Allowing users to piece together various elements from different themes in order to create a personalized visual experience on their phone.

When you call something a theme it can mean many things. To me a theme should change the entire visual appearance of your phone, at least as much as can be chaged by that theme. So when I set out to create Purple Pockets for Go Launcher Ex that was my goal. To create a compete theme.

Sleek Purple Pocket Icons combined with 7 variously styled wallpapers to match them up with

-Over 200 Pocket shaped icons

【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

-Heart shaped page indicators

【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

-5 elegant wallpapers

【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

- wood dock

【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

-Portrait and Landscape friendly

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【免費個人化App】Go Launcher: Purple Pockets-APP點子

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