Gold Defenders

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A terrible war has broken out, one that threatens to destroy your assets - for this is not an option.

Join the world of Gold Defenders, in this fast paced, tower-defense-styled game subverted in a 3D world! The Evil King has brought upon a fierce attack to your kingdom and threatens to take your treasures. An onslaught of soldiers will march into your ancient kingdom only to be greeted by your defenses; if you have any!

Touch areas of land on screen to build towers, these towers will provide a vast defense to slaughter the incoming dragons, knights and horses. The more towers you build, the safer the area. March across the land finding and protecting areas that are viciously attacked yet only to face you with a tremendous challenge.

Towers are upgradable by spending resources; this treasured currency can be earned only by fighting the coming battle. Upgrades include range, damage and a gradual decrease of delay between shootings. You will be warned only seconds before the next wave, giving you a precious time to upgrade, add or sell towers.

Different enemies threaten different abilities - Therefore, your Gold Defenders will be required to have prepared various towers to both defeat and temporarily disable enemies. Towers include Arrow Towers, Multi Arrow Towers, Cannon Towers, Ballista Towers, Fire Towers and Freeze Towers. These will all shoot automatically, however, for further precision, you are able to take control of one and shoot independently in a first person mode, and for double the damage!

【免費街機App】Gold Defenders-APP點子

Aim, Shoot and Defend - in Gold Defenders!

★ 12 exciting and action-filled levels

★ 6 various Towers

【免費街機App】Gold Defenders-APP點子

★ Each Tower can be updated 5 times for maximum protection and damage abilities!

★ Command each tower individually with pinpoint accuracy!

【免費街機App】Gold Defenders-APP點子

★ Simply, tap on the tower to enter first person tower mode!

★ 7 Enemy units with a final boss at the end of the final level!

【免費街機App】Gold Defenders-APP點子

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