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Gold Arab Emirate, Gold AE is the first corporate entity in Middle East incorporated in Dubai, U.A.E. for online trading of deliverable Gold/Silver. Gold AE is conducting its operations under the commercial license # DMCC 31142, issued by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). DMCC is a Dubai Government’s initiative to monitor and facilitate the commodities trading in the region.

Our core business is E-commerce in Gold and Silver. Our existence on internet for bullion trading depicts our distinction from conventional bullion trading companies of the Gulf.

Gold AE is led by an experienced team of seasoned bullion professionals which gives it a competitive advantage over contemporary firms in the market and gaining a remarkable reputation as an emerging market participant in the gold markets of the gulf. We are proud to provide investor friendly schemes in bullion investments through our highly valuable trading platform apart from providing international brands in bullion products on our E-shop at comparatively low cost.

We are a member company of Abu Alhaj Holding Group, which consists of various recognised financial & management companies. These companies include names of M/s Orion Analytics- UAE and Petra Invest in UK. Abu Alhaj Group is actively involved in building regional portfolio of diversified business assets across a range of industries in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Abu Alhaj Holdings is headquartered in Dubai, registered and licensed under the laws and regulations of the Dubai International Financial Centre. The Holding company professionally supports its subsidiaries with financing, operational business management and controlling activities. This includes market sectors such as gold industry, information technology, as well as financial investments.

【免費財經App】Gold & Silver Rates by Gold AE-APP點子

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