Goldrush Coin Falls

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

Free Games, Free Coins. Roll up, Roll up. You've played the rest, now try the newest and best.

Play this classic fairground game right now, right in the palm of your hand, and we even give you the coins for FREE!

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

This is the second game in a series so please also check out Jungle Coin Falls, the game that started it all.

Progress through the game to unlock or upgrade all the special features, special coins, special bonuses, precious gems and collectable toys - this game has it all.

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

Each time you level up, there's always something new to see, so you'll be coming back again and again for just one more go. Who knows what that next level up will unlock...

Main Gameplay Features:

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

- Actually impressive, state of the art 3D graphics

- Actually amazing, state of the art realistic physics

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

- Leaderboards to compare progress with friends (requires google+ sign in once)

- Many special coins and prizes

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

- 8 rare gems - collect and cash them in for great bonuses

- 37 achievements - can you complete them all?

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

- 100 collectable toys, with more coming in future updates

- Daily Bonus. Each day, something extra to spice up your play.

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

- Some banjo playing. What else do you need after that?

We supply free coins as you play, and you even earn some whilst away from the game. If you want to play even more than that, there are both free and cheap options to get tons more coins. (These are provided by advertising and/or in-app purchase. Neither are required to fully enjoy the game.)

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

Free access to this game is supported by advertising. Any small payment removes the adverts for good.

A personal note from the developer:

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

"There are many coin dozer clones on the store, but I've tried to bring you something actually original, written from the ground up and developed with passion. I hope this comes across when you try the game out, and if you like what we've made, please tell your friends - we don't have the marketing budget of mega corporations." -- Paul Johnson.

What are you waiting for? Download and play today, for FREE!

【免費博奕App】Goldrush Coin Falls-APP點子

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