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【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

This application provides the text from the Evangelizo.org page i.e. text of the Gospel of the day according to the liturgical calendars fixed by the Roman Catholic Church. The lecture is cached so you can read it offline. You can also share it with your friends and family.

* Note - text to speech is in beta testing phase. If you encounter any issues please let us know *

* Evangelizo provides texts 30 days in advance. However sometimes commentary is provided only a day before. Touch screen for 2 seconds and choose refresh button to download text again*

* Phone state permission is required to stop text to speech play in case of a phone call *

* Boot permission is required to show Sunday notifications *

【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

* Help us but doing translation and sharing your opinions *

Supported languages:

- English

- Arabic

- Dutch

【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

- Portuguese

- Spanish

- German

- French

【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

- Italian

- Polish

- Greek

- Malagasy

【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

- Irish

- Korean

This application was inspired by Evangelizo team and evengelizo.org is the source of the Gospel.

【免費生活App】Gospel - Evangelium-APP點子

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