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Got Salud and its team of Certified Agents have begun a public awareness campaign to reach out to residents of Florida, Houston and San Antonio area in assisting them with obtaining information regarding the Affordable Care Act. With three brand new enrollment centers in the greater Houston area and San Antonio, Got Salud aims to help a much under served market.

With our app you will have access to:

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* Up to date information about us

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* Find your closest location

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* Interactive Q&A

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* Real time announcements

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* Contact us

And much more!

Agents under the Got Salud umbrella represent multiple companies and allow only the best and most competitive insurers onto the Got Salud network. Our Got Salud advisors have the most advanced processing system available to help expedite your risk management requests and keep you informed as to the status of your insurance purchases.

Find out why Got Salud has helped thousands of Americans save money on their risk management needs while obtaining the best coverage money can buy.

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