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Welcome to Gove Cycles and Bike Rack Cafe.

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Gove Cycles is located at 524 Doveton Street North Soldiers Hill is Ballarat's oldest running and most iconic bike store.

【免費商業App】Gove Cycles-APP點子

After major renovations in 2011 on the 100 hundred year-old building (in which Gove Cycles has operated since 1954) the store has been transformed into a modern, fresh, Specialized Concept Bike Store with a difference, incorporating the Bike Rack Cafe.

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At Gove Cycles and Bike Rack Cafe, everyone is Specialized: We love bikes, we love food, we love coffee and we love having people enjoy themselves, whether its getting on a bike or having something to eat or drink in the cafe.

【免費商業App】Gove Cycles-APP點子

Whats sets Gove Cycles apart from its competitors is that it is a Bike Store that offers a complete, diverse range of bikes from Kids to Retirees.

【免費商業App】Gove Cycles-APP點子

The Specialized range caters for everyone's needs, kids, road, mountain, multi-use, dirt/park/street and classic bikes are all on offer. Specialized Concept Stores also offer a full range of parts and accessories such as tyres, helmets and apparel.

If you need your bike serviced and maintained by the best service team - Gove Cycles has got you covered.

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