Grammar Express : Super Edition

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

The entire Grammar Express collection at half the price!

Our 14 Grammar Express apps sell like hotcakes all the time. How about having all 14 apps in one single app and at almost half the price?

Grammar Express Super Edition encompasses following 14 apps available on store:

1. Grammar Express Tenses

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

2. Grammar Express Parts of Speech

3. Grammar Express Active & Passive Voice

4. Grammar Express Reported Speech

5. Grammar Express Degrees

6. Grammar Express Nouns

7. Grammar Express Articles

8. Grammar Express Asking Question

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

9. Grammar Express Correct Usage

10 .Grammar Express Clause Analysis

11. Grammar Express Figures of Speech

12. Grammar Express Prepositions

13. Grammar Express Question Tag

14. Grammar Express Single Word For Many

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子


You can study the grammar rules by topic. All questions are sorted by topic. It also tells you the areas that each topic covers. Choose your own timer setting and number of questions you would like in each test. Special algorithm randomizes questions every time you take a test.


In mock test questions are presented randomly from all the topics.

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子


A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the time you took, the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong. Review each question with explanation.


【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests.

It shows you a beautiful bar chart so that you can track and focus on the topics you are weak at.


• Over 600 pages of grammar lessons and rules.

• Study with over 5000 examples explaining each rule

• Over 8500 multiple -choice questions.

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

• Choose number of questions you would like in each test.

• A new module, “Pie chart” keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic or mock test.

• Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

【免費教育App】Grammar Express : Super Edition-APP點子

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